Top 10 Health Articles of All Time On Insight Writer

Most people, including myself, love Top 10 posts. People love Top 10 of anything simply because it shows us what everyone else thinks is the best stuff out there.

For all intensive purposes this is simply a ranking of posts Google loves best. Meaning that this Top 10 of health articles is ranked simply on traffic.

Top 10 Health Articles of All Time On Insight Writer

  1. The Best Morning Exercise Routine – 31,579 pageviews
  2. Best Weight Lifting Routine – 10,025 pageviews
  3. What we all know about health, but don’t do – 3,488 pageviews
  4. 11 Little Steps to Better Health – 1,402 pageviews
  5. Eating Healthy On a Budget – 513 pageviews
  6. Is Exercise Overrated? Top 10 Tips For Health & Weight Loss – 513 pageviews
  7. Best Health Blogs To Follow – 481 pageviews
  8. Best Snack Food For Weight Loss – 239 pageviews
  9. Why You Should Adopt A Dieting Lifestyle – 221 pageviews
  10. How To Be Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise – 205 pageviews

After doing this list I discovered something very important that I didn’t realize. Because of my first two articles that have seen a lot of traffic I assumed I had a lot of other health articles with a lot of traffic, but I really don’t. In fact, #5 on this list is actually #48 overall for my website.

Part of the reason for this is that I promoted my website a lot in the beginning when I was writing only personal development articles. And when I really started writing health articles I didn’t promote my website at all.

In any case, this gives me a good idea of what I should be writing about in the future on Insight Writer in regards to health.

Right away I realize I need to take those 11 steps and 10 tips and flesh out the reasoning behind each of them a little more.

I also plan on writing an exercise plan that involves some lighter weights at home.

I have done a ton of research in the past year about nutrition, and I still believe that proper nutrition is more important than exercise any day. However, I now have a better understanding of exercise and the role it plays in our health.

The health world is changing almost as rapidly as technology has changed over the years and it is still a fascinating field to be studying.

We now have a much better understanding of how hormones regulate the body which has led to some upheaval on what doctors have believed to be good and bad for our body.

We also have a much better understanding of autoimmune diseases and how what we put in our mouths affects the likelihood that you will develop a disease.

This focus on health here at Insight Writer won’t simply be about eating correctly and choosing the best exercise routine. It will be about how we can be fully functioning capable adults well into our golden years. How we can best protect ourselves from disease, pollution, and the damaging effects of aging.

It is not as simple as some might expect, but if you are willing to learn then subscribe and follow along. And please consider passing some of these health related posts onto your friends and family. Sometimes it is good for them to hear from a third party about the best ways to get and stay healthy. And it just may change their lives for the better. 🙂

If you have been a reader for the past couple years, I thank you for still following me on my journey of discovery, and I hope you have benefited immensely from my time and effort.