Quick Update on the status of Insight Writer

In the past year I have posted a grand total of four articles to Insight Writer. I am actually disappointed that I have lost the passion for writing on this blog. I am also disappointed that all of my book projects are on hold simply because I have no passion for them right now.

I have no promises for the future either. I recently had a fellow blogger, Armen Shirvanian, contact me and ask me about what I am up to and my plans for the website. Well I would like to finish what I started.

1. Finish the last 15 or so articles in the Personal Health Challenge.
2. Start and finish 52 articles for the Personal Development Series. This would technically be the third and last 52 article series that started with the Personal Finance Challenge.

This website has always been focused on how to be healthy, wealthy, and wise. And as Armen so kindly put it, I have always been focused on helping people, rather then writing top 10 articles that will attract visitors and help increase my rankings.

In the past two years my website has gone from 10,000 visitors a month, to 5,000 visitors a month, to just over 1,000 visitors per month, mostly because I have lost all my Google traffic. Lack of writing, lack of new incoming links, new Google updates, WordPress software exploits, and my general lack of attention to this website have all contributed to me losing all that traffic. So be it.

At the very least I will slowly but surely write all of the articles I mentioned above even if it takes years. 67 in total. Maybe just the act of writing again will bring about a renewed passion. And perhaps I will finally write a book to put all the concepts and collected wisdom of Insight Writer together in an easy to read format.

For anyone reading this, thanks for subscribing, and continuing to read Insight Writer. I hope you are getting at least as much out of it as I put into it. Thank you!