Personal Finance Challenge #6: Make Financial Connections

When you flick the light switch, what do you think of?

When you turn the ignition on your car, what crosses your mind?

When you change the thermostat, what are you feeling?

How about when you use your oven, microwave, grill, skillet, toaster, or waffle maker to cook food?

How about when you turn on your shower, water your lawn, or clean your dishes?

All of these and more have financial connections we normally don’t think of. But can you think of them now? A lightbulb may only cost you $8.00 a year, but a car will cost you $8.00 an hour!

Now those numbers aren’t exact and depend on the lightbulb, the car, the area of the country you live in (differences in electric prices), and the fuel you use for your car (regular gas, biofuel, hydrogen, etc.)

The point is that there are many alternatives to be considered, but you probably won’t consider them until you start making the financial connections between things.

Now let’s take this a step further…

Can you make the financial connection between the people you hang out with, the place you work, the things you do, the places you shop, and how you think about your life?

All those things affect your overall personal finance philosophy. For instance, if you work in a high powered, high prestige, high paying job you may have trouble choosing certain financial alternatives over your current ones due to peer pressure.

So if you are serious about changing your financial position for the better it will be worth it to start making the financial connections to everything in your life. Each thing, large and small, will affect the sum total of the financial path you choose in life.

I hope you will make the wisest decisions you are capable of.

This is our 6th challenge in The Personal Finance Challenge Series…