Open Guest Post Invitation

In the past few weeks I have opened the Insight Writer home to some wonderful individuals who took the time out to guest post on my site…

They are….

1. Baker who wrote The Top 5 Key Advantages of Being An Optimistic Individual

2. Mike who wrote Progress Over Procrastination

3. Alex who wrote Unleash Your Health & Fitness Goals

First off, thank you all for writing those. They are truly appreciated!

Also, I have one more guest blogger lined up that is coming soon. I am sure you will enjoy her writing as well.

Now it’s my turn…

If you would be so kind to host me as a guest writer on your site I would be honored. I got my writing juices flowing and I am excited to write some great content for whoever would have me as their guest.

The bonus for you would be that I put a permanent link in my guest posts page back to the article I wrote on your page.

So for all of you simply asking for link exchanges that is how I want to do it.

Your site simply has to be about one of the three topics of this blog, or about business, economics, and writing for my other blog.

And your site has to have some traffic or subscribers. I don’t require much, but your site can’t be brand new for me to write for it. You must have an audience, no matter how small.

So let me know if you are interested and I will have some brand new flashy SEO content for you in a jiffy.