It’s TOUGH To Give Up Stuff

New Years has everyone talking about what they aren’t going to do, or what they are giving up…

Some people are trying to stop smoking (give up cigarettes, cigars, etc.)

Some people are trying to stop cussing (no more f-bombs)

Some people are trying to get rid of their stuff (all the stuff they don’t use or want)

A good majority of people’s New Year’s resolutions are about giving up something. And it is tough to do. No one will take that away from you. If you want to say it is tough then go ahead and say it. I for one believe you!

You see, I gave up drinking all beverages with calories and anything not good for you. (Sorry folks, even zero calorie soda pop is not good for you!)

I am allowing myself only water and tea for a full year. And this is coming from a guy who drinks coffee in the morning when it is available, and who drinks beer and wine at a good portion of my evening meals.

Why am I doing this?

To see how hard it really is. Because I recommend a lot of actions here on Insight Writer, and if I can’t follow them myself, I start to feel a little like a hypocrite.

Its only been 7 days in the New Year and I have already been tempted numerous times.

On day one I drank some apple juice on the plane ride home. It makes my stomach feel a little better when flying. *lose

On day two I decided it was ok to finish drinking the apple cider left in the fridge from last year. *lose rationally

On day three I was about to grab some coffee and remembered, “Oh yeah, I gave that up” *win!

On day four I asked myself, “Is it ok to cook with red wine?” I decided it was ok to do so, at least so my wine wouldn’t go to waste. *tie

On day five I had easy access to water and nothing else really. *win! maybe a little too easy

On day six I wasn’t really tempted either. “am I still winning if I am not tempted?”

On day seven I am writing this and I think there are two things that immediately stand out to me. One, I could have planned better. Maybe I should have tried and used up the last couple liquid beverages I had around the house, or not bought them in the first place?

Secondly, if you aren’t constantly surrounded by the thing you are trying to give up, and the people around you aren’t using the thing you want to give up, it becomes easier over time…

Now I don’t consider myself physically or mentally addicted to the things I am giving up, but perhaps you are someone who feels they are addicted to that thing in some way. More advanced strategies may be needed, but nothing works best like absolutely ridding yourself of the thing you are trying to give up. Both by removing it from your environment, and staying out of situations where people will be using it around you.

Hope this helps you get a good start to whatever battle you are facing in the New Year!