101 Ways to Strengthen Your Friendships

I have been thinking about this idea for awhile now and after sitting in my draft box for weeks it is finally here.

These are mostly my ideas but I have asked some friends to help as well. I emailed a few of my friends and asked them to write back a single way in which they strengthen their friendships.

The response was great and many of my friends took the time to write more than one way in which they improved their friendships.

Ideas like, “Stay in touch” and “Spend time together” were repeated by everyone. However, there were also many great ideas I never would have thought of.

I truly hope these help you to take the necessary steps to strengthen your friendships. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below…… Enjoy!

  1. Find ways to have fun together.
  2. Like going skydiving!
  3. Or maybe just having a board game night. 😉
  4. Make time to spend together.
  5. Be careful of too many expectations.
  6. Be accepting of that person’s walk in life.
  7. Unless it is hurtful to them and those around them.
  8. Then try to help them to see the truth.
  9. Recognize the beauty in the other person.
  10. Let them be who they are meant to be.
  11. If all else fails, learn to let them go.
  12. Learn to be an encourager, not a downer.
  13. Stay in touch by phone, if necessary, use Skype.
  14. Little emails to say hi don’t hurt either.
  15. Live far away? Use myspace.
  16. Or facebook.
  17. Or the plethora of other social sites out there.
  18. Use instant messaging.
  19. For the personal touch, Send a Letter
  20. Learn to build traditions with one another.
  21. Make those traditions weekly, monthly, yearly.
  22. Make time to spend together.
  23. Cook together.
  24. Find other hobbies that bring you together.
  25. Like football! 😉
  26. Speaking of, play some sports together.
  27. Join a league together.
  28. Make a league together.
  29. Discuss current events together.
  30. Know what is going on in their life.
  31. Know what is going on in their spouses or kids life too.
  32. Listen without passing judgment.
  33. Get together over food and discuss life.
  34. Help a friend out!
  35. Give them a ride when their car breaks down.
  36. Offer to babysit.
  37. Use your skills (mechanic, carpentry, etc) to help when they need it.
  38. Take food to them when they or a family member is sick.
  39. Direct them to someone who can help if you can’t.
  40. Help them to move when they need it.
  41. Invite them over for a fiesta!
  42. Give them a gift…
  43. Or flowers…
  44. Or a gift card on special occasions (birthday, anniversary, holidays)
  45. Speak the truth to them even when it hurts. (True friends will thank you later.)
  46. And always have an encouraging word for them.
  47. Surprise them with a little note left where they will find it.
  48. Tell them how much they mean to you.
  49. Keep building trust.
  50. This bears repeating, be honest with them.
  51. Tell them how much you appreciate them.
  52. Be intentional in how you use your words.
  53. Be lavish in using positive words.
  54. Minimize the negative.
  55. …unless its constructive criticism.
  56. Listen and then listen some more. (you have two ears, remember?)
  57. Be present.
  58. Don’t try to fix things.
  59. Unless they ask.
  60. Be a shoulder to cry on.
  61. Or a safe place to vent.
  62. Be trustworthy.
  63. Don’t share their secrets with everyone else.
  64. Be dependable.
  65. Call them back when they leave a message as soon as you can.
  66. If you say you will do something, do it.
  67. Follow through.
  68. Be vulnerable.
  69. Be willing to share.
  70. Share your dreams, hopes, hurts, goals, successes, failures.
  71. Share your life.
  72. Have realistic expectations.
  73. Don’t expect one person to be everything to you.
  74. Laugh, laugh, laugh like crazy with each other.
  75. Make your friend smile.
  76. Notice the little things they do.
  77. Do some little things for them.
  78. Do things “just because” they are your friend.
  79. Remember special dates and times.
  80. Recreate those special moments.
  81. Let them know how much you care.
  82. Stay in touch.
  83. Make a date and time to meet up or call.
  84. Share the good, the bad, and the ugly with them.
  85. Be there for them in times of need.
  86. …and in times of success.
  87. Friends can be like family, treat them well.
  88. Give more than you take.
  89. Do something you know they will appreciate. Again, “just because”.
  90. Spend more time with them.
  91. Spend more time listening to them.
  92. Find some new things to do together.
  93. Take pictures together.
  94. Admire your friend’s achievements.
  95. Be Flexible.
  96. Be Loyal.
  97. Laugh at their jokes.
  98. Always look out for their best interests.
  99. Return an email asking for your thoughts on coming up with 101 ways to strengthen your friendships. 😉
  100. Write about 100 ways you can strengthen your friendships.
  101. Then start doing them, one by one…

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Please send this to all your friends and ask them to stumble, digg, and email it to their friends. My hope is that this little project will help you to strengthen your friendships. I look forward to your comments… 😉

12 thoughts on “101 Ways to Strengthen Your Friendships”

  1. I agree. I love (or used to love, now I just like) myspace and facebook. I found a lot of old friends that way and was able to keep in touch with distant friends. But nothing beats just getting together, hanging out for a few hours, just having fun! 😉

  2. Wow! 101 ways, I never would have been able to come up with such an impressive list!

    Sorry to be a pain in the ass! but I feel an urge to comment on Number 25. Outside the USA, being interested in ‘AMERICAN football’ will get you absolutely nowhere with friends. If you want to go global with your friends then much better to be interested in football .. the one you guys call ‘Soccer’. Which of course is the REAL football! As everyone knows. Except Americans! I love you guys … but … American football? Do all your friends a favour and convert them to soccer!

    I’ve finished my ranting! Thanks for listening! 😉 Ian

    Ian Peatey’s last blog post..Love in the time of technology

  3. All I can say is wow… Whenever I see a list over 50 I’m impressed. But 101 ways! that must have taken some time. This article is definitely worth a stumble. Thanks for sharing, and taking the time.

    How to blog’s last blog post..Template Issues

  4. @ Ian – Point well taken. I love soccer (futbol). I grew up playing the sport. I wish I could convert everyone but American Football is such a big pastime. It has certainly replaced baseball.
    I am also thinking about how I can write for more of an international audience because I know quite a few people that visit here are from other countries. Actually I just checked and only 67% of visits are from the US. So both points are well taken Ian.

    @ Ross – lol, I like you first statement. And yes, I have to give credit to one of my friends for driving that point home on #89. Just because is great! 😉

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  6. Hi Barbara,

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Glad to see people are still hitting this article. So far it has been my most popular on SU and DIGG! Friends are family to me as well…


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